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we're thrilled to be relaunching our blog and can't wait to share our passion for love and weddings with you. We hope that you'll stay tuned for all the great new content that's coming your way, and that you'll continue to be a part of our community of readers and viewers. Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

When two people fall in love, it can be just like the movies: magical, romantic, exciting and unique. That is just what happened to two newlyweds, Ken and Rachel. On their first date, in the car on the way to the movie theatre, Rachel remembers falling in love instantly on the car ride there, just as Ken reached his hand out to meet hers. It was evident that they would have a future. To top it all off, their first date proved to unlike no other when they had their first kiss and it all “felt right” and that “he’d be the one”. 

Just like their first date, the couple decides to wed in the amazing landmark of The Loew’s JerseyTheater. Originally, opened in 1929 and located in Jersey City, NJ, this elegant and whimsical facility is the perfect setting for a quaint and romantic ceremony, along with a fabulous reception venue. Everything is falling into place at the Westin as the bride, groom, and wedding party prepare for the nuptials. The bride looks stunning in an off white beaded strapless gown and veil, adorned with perfectly done makeup and a delighted smile. The groom looks handsome in a black tux, bow tie and a smile to match his gorgeous bride’s. 

The wedding party, comprised of 15 people, and with quests, witness the exchange of vows and devotion of love and adoration for one another underneath the softly lit theatre. The reception is spectacular! The white flowers and great center pieces, along with an awesome DJ, provides for amazing dancing, eating, socializing, and celebrating Ken and Rachel’s happy and unforgettable occasion. Friends, family, and especially the happy couple are ecstatic. The wedding is timeless, classic, and without any uncertainty, Ken and Rachel’s wedding is…a wedding to remember.

By Michelle Warner

The couple behind the lens, Bao Am and Kim Tram, have a true storybook wedding tale. They met two years ago through church and Bao Am couldn't get her out of his mind. His friend suggested that he invite her out for drinks and karaoke, and from then on Bao Am knew she was the one. On October 11, 2014 they exchange their own written vows in front of family and friends in a breathtaking setting located at Saint Ceclilia Church in Rockaway, NJ. Every detail is perfect. The silence in the church as they exchange vows truly speaks volumes on how happy they are all for the extatic couple. The bride's gown has intricate details of lace work and her veil has gorgeous crystal beading around the edges, matching her open toed crystal beaded heels. The elegant way the dress conforms to her body along with the serene glow on her perfectly done makeup face is remarkable. She truely looks like royalty. The groom looks spectacular in a black tux, amazing cuff links, and a purple tie which coincides to their color scheme. The venue takes place at The Venetian, located in Garfield, NJ, is mesmerizing and enticing to the eye with purple lighting and a huge dance floor, allowing for their guests to fill the enormous room with laughter, romance, dancing, and excitement. The wedding cake is a absolutely gorgeous four tier cake decorated with deep purple, green, and white flowers flowing down it, along with beading all around. They have a wedding day styled with personality, grace, and sweet elegance. I have a wedding crush.

By. Michelle Warner

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