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I'm Eddie founder of Blue Moon Video Productions, my background spans back to my childhood when my father launched a wedding videography business so growing up I was constantly surrounded by cameras and editing equipment. 


My father's dedication to his craft inspired me to learn everything I could about the wedding video business. I spent countless hours experimenting with different cameras and editing techniques, developing my wedding video skills, and honing my craft. My passion for wedding videos inspired me to study at a visual arts filmmaking university, 


In 2008, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and start my own wedding videography business. I was determined to create timeless, beautiful wedding films that would capture the essence of each couple's special day.


Over the years I and my team have built a reputation for ourselves as some of the most talented and professional wedding cinematographers in the industry.


We have captured countless special moments and created stunning wedding films that have been cherished by couples and their families for years to come.


Through hard work, dedication, and a deep love for our craft, I and my talented team of wedding filmmakers have become one of the most sought-after wedding cinema companies in the industry. 


I know my father is very proud of the legacy I have created and the many beautiful memories I and my team have helped to preserve.



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Founder/Filmmaker/ One Fun Guy

Eddie Kantis

Our Story How Blue Moon Video Productions Got Started

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