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Servicing NJ - NY - PA + Destination Weddings
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Award Winning Wedding films Portfolio

Two Styles To Choose from. What Style Fits Your Personality?

Style #1 - Cinematic Music Video Style

"Music with vocals popular songs with limited voice overs"

Style #2 - Cinematic Movie Style

"Instrumental Music with voice overs"


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When you browse through our wedding video portfolio you will see the talent our team of filmmakers and editors have. Over the years we have put together a wedding film format that will keep you entertained throughout the entire video without ever having to say "Skip to the next section" we make our feature films live up to the amazing hype of the highlight reel videos we create. 
Quality with consistency is very important to us because we have built an amazing brand with raving reviews and we would never want to damage our reputation. That's why our in-house editors are taught under the direction of the creative director so our style of wedding videos always have the highest of quality look and feel.
I I can tell you what we are excited about and that is to tell your story, That's where our passion and enthusiasm lies, with your story!
It takes lots of knowledge, experience, and the correct equipment (which is always top notch video gear,) to make an awesome video. We have it all. Let's not forget to mention how fun we are to work with and always unobtrusive. We will never get too close. We want to tell your story as it really unfolds.  
You deserve a wedding video that you will be proud of and enjoy watching, so let's start talking on how we are going to make your wedding video a true Keepsake that will last for many generations to come. 


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Wedding Video & Photography Prices

Wedding Videos Range from $1,995 to $6,000


Wedding Photography Starts at $1,995


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Founder/Filmmaker/ One Fun Guy

Eddie Kantis


Some people get into videos because it's cool to do now and they can make a quick buck in the wedding video industry. Well, my story is a little different. 


My father who is also my best friend has always loved doing videos and in the early 80's he started a small wedding video company.


As as soon as I turned 14 years old my dad started taking me to weddings with him to be his assistant and teaching me how to operate a camera. As I remember my dad's first camera, a large shoulder camera with a VCR strapped to your hip, WOW how times have changed!!!


This is where my passion started for developing videos! I found it so much fun shooting and seeing everyone having fun while being surrounded by such a positive atmosphere. I had a hunch I would be following in my father's footsteps. 


As soon as I graduated high school I went to visual arts school to develop my craft in cinema. 


In 2008 I had seen a change coming in the wedding industry. This was the start of the DSLR age and this is when I started Blue Moon Video Productions. It was only us and a small handful of other companies that started using DSLR cameras to create these wedding videos that had the look and feel of a real film. 


Over time I have developed a small team of some of the best creative like-minded filmmakers and photographers in the industry and we have been creating memories for couples ever since. 


Let's get to know each other so we can start planning and start telling your story!




We would love to be part of your beatutiful day

We provide service for the NJ, NY, PA, CT Area and Destination Weddings. 

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